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Create short links
Track links performance
Set expiration date
Remove count-down
Custom keyword
Custom domain

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If your call succeeds, but the link was already shorten by someone else, you'll still get the short link, but the status will be 200 and owner will be false. If your call fails, the status and message fields may vary according to the problem found.


If you need it to be returned as a string, then simply add &raw=yes at the end of the above address.

When it succeed, you'll get

  "status": 201,
  "message": "Created",
  "short_url": "https:\/\/\/c", 
  "qr_code": "https:\/\/\/c.qrcode",
  "date_expires": false,
  "delay": 0,
  "owner": true


If it fails, you'll get

  "status": 500,
  "message": "URL does not have a valid format.",
  "error": true

Need more? Don't worry, check these additional settings:

Param Use Description Requires
...?url=[LONG-URL] Required The long and boring URL. It must be URL encoded.  
...&raw=yes Optional Returns a string instead of a JSON.  
...&key=2a9...3420 Advised The API key. All shorten links with your API key are going to be visible from your account dashboard and reports. Your API key can be seen at your account page. Register a new account for free. Free account
...&expires=2019-04-28 Optional To set an expiration date. Premium account
...&delay=5 Optional Define, in seconds, the delay before redirecting. Premium account
...&keyword=try-it-now Optional Defines a custom keyword to replace the short URL code. Premium account


are the URLs served by, and counting ...


the most common questions people have aboute


It is an URL shortening service. By using you can create short URL address for easily sharing and reduce addresses complexity. E.g: an address like https://this-is-a-very-long/and-complex?address=you-may-wanna-share will be converted to[ABC]


Basically, 302 means the HTTP code for temporary redirects, so you can deliver the right message to your audience. Also, by using, you will get the advantage of all awasome features and first class support we provide.

How does it work?

Well, its logic is not complex at all. 

Once you request an URL to be shorten, the algorithm will calculate a new (random) address for you and will store it together to the original address. Always someone uses your short URL link, we will increase our counters and record some other additional data, such as: IP address and time. Then, you (or everyone else) can later check its statistics page.

By creating a FREE account, you can have all your shorten links indexed in your account's dashboard to track their usage and performance. If you choose to go Premium, you will have access to additional features, such as: custom domain (e.g:; custom keywords (e.g: and priority support.

Are short links and clicks statistics public?

Yes, they are.

How can I shorten an URL?

The simplest way to do it is by visiting our website and filling the form with the long URL. Also, you can use our API to integrate your own website/ app or our exclusive browser extension for Google Chrome

How can I check a shorten URL statistics?

The general data is available at
If you have an account (free or premium), an specific short link statistic can be seen from your account's dashboard.

Why there is a redirect count-down before redirecting me to the long URL?

It is just because we want your audience to make sure that they want go to the target URL. With the 5 seconds count-down you will give the chance to your audience to give up before be redirected. Also, by giving them the change to decide before being redirected, or even report evil links, you will increse the trust between your audience and you.

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